Sky blue. Sun dazzle.A day borrowed from summer.Walking the prom. A gull, head back, throats up a cry.Bread! The sky is smashed with wings,dense with squabble, bicker and brawl.Bad arse bandits with quick tempers and flaming wings – they’ll snatch a crust from your hand before it reaches your mouth. A young gull, with dark […]

Day 9. 10th November, Royston to Great Chesterford It is only when I make a list of Icknield Way walks and piece them together on the map, that I realise I haven’t finished; the walk planned as day two didn’t happen. So on a bright autumnal morning I go to Royston and walk the high […]

Day 8. 8th August 2018, Icklingham to Knettishall Heath My hosts provide me with tuna and chilli sandwiches, advise against a dull stretch of the Way through the pine forest, and kindly give the me a lift to the beginning of the walk around the edge. I don’t need much convincing; I don’t like glooming […]

Day 7. 7th August 2018, Kentford to Icklingham August. It’s been hot since May, so all the grass is yellow. It doesn’t rain any more. My body assumes heat, prepares for burn and thirst. I stretch further and further from home to begin walking. The direct train from Brighton to Cambridge picks up the Icknield […]

Day 6. 19th May 2018, Linton to Kentford B and B with Monica in the immaculate Harefied Rise in Linton. A leisurely breakfast. The Royal wedding blurb in snatches from the kitchen. Both hosts are keen to discuss the area, and the Icknield Way. Monica’s husband is a retired archdeacon. ‘Of course we have a […]

Day 5. 5th May 2018, Harlington (on the Toddington alternative route) – Hitchin A perfect shining spring morning. Soon after leaving the station, I am absorbed. Everything seems so jubilantly itself today; daisies with their particular plucky perkiness, sparrows singing their glad song in the trees over my head, and bushy hedgerows of flowers, matted […]

Day 4. 31st March 2018, Ivinghoe Beacon to Dunstable (home from Luton station) A mizzling morning, a sky full of wet. Saturated land; I too, quickly feel as though I need squeezing out. With the utmost caution, and frequent checks of OS on my phone, I navigate to the top of Ivinghoe Beacon. In reaching […]

Day 3. 8th December 2017, Ivinghoe Beacon to lost. I walk on the Thursday after Christmas. Up at dawn, the sky charged blue. I am buoyed up, riding high, triumphant before I reach the station. The train to Tring, the station closest to Ivinghoe Beacon, the beginning of the Icknield Way. What a day to […]

Day 2. 18th November 2017, Baldock to Royston I wake early at my friend’s house in Landbeach. 5.30. Still dark. I roll over, bury my head into the pillow and try to sleep again. Impossible, with a day of walking ahead. A while later I hear little voices, and join Ed’s children in the kitchen, […]